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Recommended Hours: 50 hours (based on a class of six candidates)


Who is a Divemaster?

The dive community expects several characteristics of an individual with the Divemaster rating.

These include:

        • Exemplary diving skills.

        • Rescue skills.

        • Professional-level knowledge of dive theory.

        • Competence as a certified assistant.

        • Dive management and supervision abilities.

        • Ethical role model behavior.

        • Enthusiasm and fun.


Course Prerequisites

To qualify to enter the Divemaster course, an individual must:

        1. Be certified as a RESCUE DIVER from any training organization

        2. Have completed and logged at least 20 dives as documented by the individual’s

            personal log book.

        3. Be at least 18 years old at the start of Divemaster training.

        4. Submit, to the instructor, medical clearance for diving signed by a physician, attesting
            to fitness to dive. The medical clearance must be current within the previous 12 months.

        5. Submit proof of Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care 
             (First Aid) training.


Knowledge Development Module consists of 12 topics:

        • The role and characteristics of a Divemaster

        • Supervising diving activities for certified divers

        • Assisting with student divers in training

        • Dive theory introduction

        • Physics

        • Physiology

        • Equipment

        • Decompression theory and dive tables

        • Divemaster conducted programs

        • Risk management

        • Furthering your dive career



Session 1

Classroom: Topic 1: The Role and Characteristics of a PADI Divemaster

Practical: Waterskills and Stamina Exercises One and Two – Confined Water

Independent Study: Chapters 1 and 2 of the Divemaster Manual

PADI Divemaster Video

Emergency Assistance Plan – assigned to be completed before certification


Session 2

Classroom: Topic 2 (Part 1): Supervising General Diving Activities for Certified Divers Practical: Waterskills and Stamina Exercises Three and Four Equipment Exchange

Required Training Exercise Two

Independent Study: The Physics of Diving


Session 3

Classroom: Topic 2 (Part 2): Supervising General Diving Activities for Certified Divers Practical: Diver-Rescue Assessment Confined Waterskills Assessment

Independent Study: The Physiology of Diving

Chapter 3 and 4 of the Divemaster Manual


Session 4

Classroom: Topic 3: Assisting with Students in Training

Independent Study: Mapping Project – Required Training Exercise One – Assigned to be completed before certification.

Independent Study: Equipment

Chapters 5 and 6 of the Divemaster Manual


Session 5

Classroom: Topic 9: Divemaster Conducted Programs

                   Topic 10: Risk Management

Practical:   Divemaster Conducted Programs – Required Training Exercise Three

Independent Study: Decompression Theory and the RDP

Chapter 7 of the Divemaster Manual


Session 6

Classroom: Topic 4: Dive Theory Introduction

                   Topic 5: The Physics of Diving – review and answer questions

                   Topic 6: The Physiology of Diving – review and answer questions

Practical:    Makeup and Remedial Training, Practical Training Exercises

Independent Study: Chapters 8 and 9 of the Divemaster Manual


Session 7

Classroom: Topic 7: Equipment – review and answer questions

                   Topic 8: Decompression Theory and the RDP –review and answer questions

                   Topic 11: The Business of Diving

Practical: Internship and/or Practical Training Exercises


Session 8

Classroom: Topic 12: Furthering Your Dive Career

Divemaster Exams

Practical: Internship and/or Practical Training Exercise


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